About the Photographer

Petar Boev

cassiopeia – experience the possibilitie

When I read the part of Boris Chipan, the great architect, in his book on St. Sofia Ohridska, as I watch my whole childhood in front of me, as hologram projection, seeking the cause that created in me the love of photographic art and what I wanted to be remembered through a photographic lens... to preserve this magic that owns this city and Lake: - "I was raised up in a city where I would always stumble on the remains of the history. In the backyard of my home there was a stone with an engraving in an unknown language in front of which my grandmother would light candles. Getting into the holes of the citadel, situated over my primary school was not only a child curiosity but a desire to meet with the unknown and the mystery. Climbing up the fortress of ‘Gornisare’ in which cracks birds made their nests, there was a taste of adventure with warriors from the tales. Running over the lake hills of Labino and Kaneo was a search for lake ferries that were met only by the fi shermen when fi shing at night in their ancient fi shing boats. Diving into the lake was like a revelation of a world of cosmic vegetation around the stones rolling through the eons of the lake existence."

I was born in Ohrid in 1969. I grew to like the photography from my uncle who was vendor of photographic equipment, but not as my primary profession. The photo camera is part of my everyday living. I take photos mostly landscapes, especially when I go mountaineering. However, I take photos on everyday motives, that are surrounding us. It is interesting when we establish certain connectivity with the camera and the surrounding through the photo lens - a kind of revealing new perspectives, I guess...