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"Where even Angels come for a holiday..." - Patel Dzingis

This website promotes photography as art. Those photographs, presented on this site, contain motives with different subjects and places from Macedonia, especially from the city of Ohrid and its resources. As a media we will use its function to promote this part of the Earth and to show its value and importance as a world natural and cultural heritage - to provoke certain feelings and to offer something that will be an answer to your questions. But we will try to attract your attention and justify your time to have a look into a small section of our gallery with possibility to generate respectful interest…

As photographers we offer our photographic service rely on of the kind of yours needs. If you need to photograph your events or to design promote brochure for your firm, we would like to use our contact information how we will receive the needed data for your choice of photographic service.

Whenever you plan to spend some precious time to visit Ohrid and Lake Ohrid, for your local guide partner you may choose us. Our guide will reveal to you the mystique on this area – the challenge of many civilizations and temptation for the goodwill traveler. We will take you and show you the unique places and experiences – the ones being the most exceptional in this region: from the breathtaking landscapes of the national park Galicica to the mystique waters of the Lake; together we will explore the archeological and cultural sites that were built and created by civilizations that existed here…

A tour guide itinerary adapted to your specific needs. We'll let you experience the first encounter with the Lake. Its sweat water washes the shore and its rocky cleaves for almost 10 million years.The Lake will take you away with its gracious appearance. And with the Ohrid boat you will penetrate the Lake crystal water and you will remember the kingdom of Ohrid trout. If you are in love with mountains, Galicica will capture your heart with its exceptional geographic position – separating Lake Ohrid from the less deep lake, on the other side. You'll touch its endemic flora and you'll be introduced to the tradition carried out by the local village inhabitants – each village with a unique landscape position. Here, on the shores of this lake, everything is history in a chaotic and still natural way. On the same spot at the same time, without systematically of layers there are worlds separated by centuries, cultures built on opposite principles. On the facades of the Byzantine churches there are built in remains of grids that once were a decoration of the temple’s entrances; among the irregular shapes of the Turkish cobblestones there appears a piece of marble with preserved decorations of Greek meanders. The large number of churches that began to spread by the medieval period prescribed the need of producing numerous icons: The Ohrid Icon Gallery has collection of over thirty icons with greatest artistic qualities places the gallery among the top two of its kind in the world.

All needed information for the town, the Lake, the mountain, our tour guide will e-mailed to you. Our information relies on official sources.

To fulfill your intention, we need your opinion. And if we succeed to fulfill your choice and send an information or the photographs from our archive – for us - that would be the real evaluation. Not for the commercial point of view, but for the artistic one – the spiritual one that fulfills each of us.

But, first of all, let's fulfill your artistic spirit so that you can come back to our site... The photographs exhibited on our site may be used for personal needs, for printing promotional material or for promotional events and other objectives depending on the nature of the need.

Macedonia is our country. The town of Ohrid is located at its northeast part on the shore of the Lake Ohrid. The Lake and the town are listed under UNESCO world heritage...For more information about Macedonia and Ohrid, please visit MACEDONIA Timeless and King Marko Land ...

John Doe

Petar Boev

When I read the part of Boris Chipan, the great architect, in his book on St. Sofia Ohridska, as I watch my whole childhood in front of me, as hologram projection, seeking the cause that created in me the love of photographic art and what I wanted to be remembered through a photographic lens... to preserve this magic that owns this city and Lake: - "I was raised up in a city where I would always stumble on the remains of the history. In the backyard of my home there was a stone with an engraving in an unknown language in front of which my grandmother would light candles. Getting into the holes of the citadel, situated over my primary school was not only a child curiosity but a desire to meet with the unknown and the mystery. Climbing up the fortress of ‘Gornisare’ in which cracks birds made their nests, there was a taste of adventure with warriors from the tales. Running over the lake hills of Labino and Kaneo was a search for lake ferries that were met only by the fi shermen when fi shing at night in their ancient fi shing boats. Diving into the lake was like a revelation of a world of cosmic vegetation around the stones rolling through the eons of the lake existence."

I was born in Ohrid in 1969. I grew to like the photography from my uncle who was vendor of photographic equipment, but not as my primary profession. The photo camera is part of my everyday living. I take photos mostly landscapes, especially when I go mountaineering. However, I take photos on everyday motives, that are surrounding us. It is interesting when we establish certain connectivity with the camera and the surrounding through the photo lens, I guess...

“Sometimes, a kind of frequency will arise our feelings which will make us express our inner creative soul and we bridge certain communication with the external world. The photography as a medium, actually, offers that possibility to us - so we could ‘see’ that both blended into one, the observer is an inseparable part of the observed...”
cassiopeia – experience the possibilitie

graphic designer/photographer
Jane Helf

BoBi Kose

Besides graphic design for your brochure or promotional material, portrait and still life photography is part of my professional photography necessary for my professional activity, to fulfill the current graphic criteria...

tour guide
Joshua Insanus

Patel Dzengis

”After Amsterdam, Prague, Bucharest, Berlin, Paris, London..... Ohrid joins the famous Free City Tours club (TIP'S TOUR)”. Allow an expert guide to show you the hidden gems of this 2400 years old UNESCO site, since every guest of our town deserves it, simply by joining this highly informative and intriguing walking tour, no matter what your travel budget.

Starting time: Every day.
Pre-reservation is necesary. Please call or message to make an appointment cell – phone +389 78 550599
Duration: 1,5+ hour tour
Costs: Completely free. Voluntary tips only basis ... (no hassle policy)
Meeting place: In front of the monument of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, next to the city port.
Contact: Dzengis - licenced guide No48/83TCM cell – phone +389 78 550599

Patel's logo: "Whoever enters the way without a guide will take a hundred years to travel a two – day journey..."

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The price of the photography is ranged between 30€ - 50€ per one copy for image sized document: width 46cm / height 30cm, but also depends on required format adapted to the specific dimensions.The photographs are framed in printed format on Digital ProLab / minilab photographic developing and printing system on quality photo paper. However, according to the need, that is, the photography purpose, the price varies. We have to point out that the mail cost is not included in the price. Depending on the mail delivery distance it will be paid upon delivery. Please enter your address exactly as it should appear on the package, including: first name, last name, street, zip-code, city, county/state/region and country. If you don't enter a complete address, we are unable to ship your order.
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